New clarifying separator for medium sized operations in beer, wine and fruit juice production

GEA Mechanical Equipment UK has announced the launch of the new GEA Westfalia Separator GSI 75 separator for medium sized operations in the clarifying of beer, wine and fruit juices.

This makes available the already successful principle of the integrated GEA Westfalia Separator directdrive with all its advantages in energy-saving drive and machine technology available for outputs of up to 250 hectolitres per hour.

In the directdrive system, the bowl is driven directly by an integrated, frequency-controlled, three-phase motor and is infinitely adjustable – efficiency is improved along with significant energy savings. Moreover, the directdrive reduces the space required for the separator by 35%.

The energy saving drive concept has proved to be maintenance friendly and the water cooled motor performs much quieter than an air-cooled equivalent.

The demand for spare parts is greatly reduced as the motor requires no bearings and therefore no lubrication.  Mechanical seals are also removed; reducing the spares holding further. The robust design of the asynchronous motor provides for maximum machine reliability and allows standard frequency converters to be used, which are more cost effective and internationally available.

Hydrohermetic design for top-class quality

To discharge solids, the bowl is opened and closed hydraulically with the aid of water. The feed and discharge take place in a closed system and are configured individually according to the application. The product feed and discharge in the bowl are sealed hydrohermetically and not with mechanical seals.

The hydrohermetic feed and discharge system on the GSI 75 ensures gentle and foam-free product handling and prevents oxygen absorption, thus ensuring first-class product quality. With itself-cleaning bowl, the machine is also suitable for fully automatic CIP cleaning.

The GSI 75 beverage separator, combines high process performance in terms of clarification efficiency and maximum yield with low energy consumption, easy maintenance and low space requirements – and is now available for the medium performance range.

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