Manufacturing amongst Best Sectors for a Pay Rise in 2016

CV-Library reveals that Manufacturing Sector saw one of the Highest Salary Growths in 2015

Latest data from the UK’s largest job site, CV-Library, reveals that the manufacturing sector experienced one of the biggest salary growths in the UK last year, making it one of the best industries for a pay rise in 2016.

The industry saw a 2.4% growth in advertised salaries in 2015 compared with 2014, coming in ninth on the list of top ten salary growers. Proving to be among the best off in the UK when it comes to rising wages, the average annual salary in the manufacturing industry jumped from £29,260.33 in 2014 to £29,963.58 in 2015.

In addition to impressive salary growth, the sector also celebrated strong job growth in 2015 with a 22.7% increase in jobs when compared with 2014. While this comes in below the nation’s overall job growth of 23.5%, it does place the industry in a strong position going into 2016.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library comments: “It’s great to see the manufacturing job market flourishing. The sector continues to thrive with strong job growth and increasing salaries, which is good news for workers and businesses alike and it bodes well for the manufacturing industry in 2016.”

Find out which other industries made the list of biggest salary growers last year:

  1. Construction– 10.2% growth
  2. Retail – 5.9% growth
  3. Media – 5.7% growth
  4. Charity – 4.2% growth
  5. Automotive– 3.9% growth
  6. Property Services – 3.4% growth
  7. Consulting – 3.1% growth
  8. Legal– 3% growth
  9. Hospitality– 2.6% growth
  10. Manufacturing – 2.4% growth

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