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Owners of a quarry in Cambridgeshire have installed a Brunone belt turner which is not only saving considerable time by almost eliminating the need for under-belt cleaning but is having a positive impact on the environment.

Under-belt cleaning is a time consuming and sometimes hazardous job that no one wants to do particularly if, as in this case, the belt runs through a tunnel.  The quarry owners had fitted a scraper blade to one end of the conveyor, but this could not cope with fines which consequently caused environmental issues. However, all the issues were solved by installing a Brunone belt turner.

The Brunone belt turner works by turning the dirty side of the belt to face upwards by the drive pulley. It then turns it back again at the tail pulley. If the dirty side is facing upwards, the material cannot fall to the ground and accumulate underneath the conveyor. Instead of sand and dust piles building up underneath each of the return rollers, this is now isolated to two easily accessible positions, head and tail, which can be cleaned up much more safely and efficiently, reducing the manual handling risks to operators. 

The Brunone belt turner is easy to install. It took the quarry maintenance team less than a day to install despite challenges with limited space. The Brunone belt turner is an economical solution to what would otherwise be an expensive problem. 

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