Faster evaluation of Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP)

BMP is an important parameter in biogas production as it helps producers to evaluate the efficiency of the anaerobic process for specific substrates.  However, conventional biochemical approaches to evaluate BMP take up between 30 and 50 days making them unsuitable for industrial plant management and process optimisation. 

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a much faster, highly suitable method for BMP analysis. A rapid BMP test using the NIRS DS2500 Analyser by Metrohm provides accurate results in a matter of seconds. This helps biogas producers to improve waste stock management and increase the methane yield of the digestion process.

The NIRS DS2500 package for BMP uses the Flash BMP® calibration model by Ondalys. More than 500 samples of different kinds of substrates are included and accurate reference values are guaranteed by certified laboratories making the Flash BMP® calibration model the most robust and reliable solution.

NIRS for BMP is…

· Simple: No chemicals and no reagents needed, results at a push of a button

· Fast: A sample measurement takes only a few seconds

· Efficient: NIRS provides results for many biochemical parameters with a single measurement


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