Ensure your business is prepared for extreme weather conditions this winter with Arco

Expert in safety, Arco, is urging businesses to be prepared for potential adverse weather conditions this winter in order to help keep employees safe and avoid costly site closures.

Extreme weather conditions such as subzero temperatures, heavy snow, severe rainfall and flooding, are all risks that businesses could face over the next few months, therefore take action now.

Liz Johnsen, Product & Procurement Manager for Arco, said: “To help businesses stay ahead, we have developed a comprehensive range of solutions for extreme weather conditions, such as de-icing salt and flood barriers. Customers also have access to expert advice from our experienced team who can advise on the requirements for your business.”

“In preparation for the winter months, one of our ‘top tips’ is to develop a Business Continuity Plan to help minimise the potential impact of hazardous weather conditions. The plan will also become a useful tool to calculate stock requirements in advance and speed up the process of fixing the problems if extreme weather conditions do occur, such as gritting ice or moving snow.”

Arco has developed a dedicated webpage featuring advice for winter weather preparation. It  includes: an ‘Expert Advice Sheet to Extreme Weather’; a Guide to Safer Salting; and products such as grit bins, blue de-icing salt that is easier to see, salt spreading equipment, shovels, heaters and accessories. It also provides access to download the ‘Arco Salt Calculator’ app, providing estimations on the quantity of stock required and personalised weather warnings that are tailored to your location.  All of this information can be accessed by visiting www.arco.co.uk/winter.

Arco also provides expert advice, information and products for flood prevention, and has a dedicated webpage. The page features an ‘Expert Advice Sheet to Flooding’ and products such as: hydrosacks, sandbags, flood barriers, devices to remove water and mud, personal protective equipment (PPE), and cleaning equipment. Further information can be viewed by visiting www.arco.co.uk/flooding.

In order to prepare for hazardous conditions, Arco advises that businesses sign up to flood warning services and weather updates for your area.

To discuss your business’ requirements, call your local Arco sales office, or products can be ordered online at www.arco.co.uk.

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